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Attorney R. Tamara de Silva has provided powerful legal counsel to clients throughout her years in practice in the Cook County area, particularly focusing on litigation in federal court, whether to defend an individual or corporate client or in presenting the case on behalf of the Plaintiff. Known as an aggressive fighter in the courts in the area, there is no attorney, no matter how highly regarded or paid that intimidates Ms. de Silva. A Chicago litigation attorney from the Law Office of R. Tamara de Silva is prepared to aggressively pursue the best interests of the client in court whether in a securities law matter, white collar crime, civil rights case or in intricate corporate legal matters.

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Each case is well-researched and painstakingly prepared with the outcome for the client as the primary concern and focus. Attorney Tamara de Silva faces federal court with an accomplished, aggressive and insightful presentation. The Law Offices of R. Tamara de Silva has provided resource links to information assist you in with information and background to help you reach your conclusion in making the critical determination in what attorney should be retained in your case:

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