Chicago Litigation Lawyer

Areas of Practice

Attorney R. Tamara de Silva is a skilled litigator who has garnered a reputation as a fighter in court. She has extensive experience in securities law, including having authored articles on risk and regulation in the financial industry. With careful case preparation and research, Ms. de Silva is committed to providing the highest quality litigation skills for grand jury investigations, or assisting individuals who are currently under investigation.

Knowledgeable in all aspects of litigation, she can assist those facing anything from white collar crimes to civil rights cases. As a zealous advocate for justice, either for the defendant or the plaintiff, Attorney de Silva is dedicated to helping her clients with a variety of serious legal matters.

Futures & Derivatives
Have you lost money in the futures or derivatives markets due to broker fraud? Attorney R. Tamara de Silva provides legal representation for investors who have lost money market manipulation and fraud. She can handle all aspects of the legal process including mediation, arbitration and litigation of an investor's claim.

There are cases that most attorneys will not to take on, due to their complexity or when the situation appears to be hopeless or impossible to achieve a victory. These cases are a challenge that Ms. de Silva enjoys, and she is an aggressive and fearless advocate for justice, having won many "unwinnable" cases in court. She excels in her specialty, Constitutional law. First amendment cases, white collar crimes, serious criminal cases, civil rights and litigating First Amendment cases is one of her passions.

Securities Law
One of the more complex areas of the law is any case involving transactional work, regulatory work and litigation of white collar crime accusations. R. Tamara de Silva represents clients that need help in any complex legal issue involving securities fraud, mergers, mutual funds, acquisitions or initial public offerings, as well as other securities law matters.

Civil Rights
There is a wide range of cases involving the rights of citizens with regard to social freedom, equality, and political freedom. When these rights are threatened, such as in cases of sex, religious, age or other types of discrimination, police misconduct, freedom of speech or other matter in which civil rights must be protected, Tamara de Silva is a zealous litigator with extensive knowledge and experience.

White Collar Crimes
Whether a case involving insurance fraud, mortgage fraud, bank fraud, identity theft, wire fraud, forgery, tax evasion, securities fraud or other complex financial criminal accusations, the quality of the Chicago attorney representing your interests will have a significant impact on the final case outcome. It is vital that your legal counsel has exceptional familiarity in this area of the law.

Persistent and Committed Legal Assistance

As an experienced litigator, Attorney de Silva has provided legal counsel and worked with complicated trial cases for numerous clients in the past. Aggressively active in each case that she takes on, her clients can rely on her tactics and persistent research in handling even the most complex situations involving securities fraud, civil rights and other types of litigation matters. Confident that she has what it takes to provide each of her clients with the upmost in legal advocacy, she will always look out for your best interests should you choose to obtain her services.

When pursuing intricate legal cases, it is essential that you obtain an attorney that not only has previous experience handling these types of circumstances, but also has the assurance to make decisions on your behalf that are beneficial. Presenting cases that have been thoroughly investigated requires hours of investigations and dedicated attention to detail. Attorney de Silva seeks to provide exemplary care and outstanding effort when it comes to each case and she is prepared to fight for you. Contact a Chicago litigation attorney at our office today to learn more about what can be done to protect your rights!