Media Law Cases

Cases Involving the First Amendment and the Media

Litigation attorney R. Tamara de Silva provides the highest quality of professional legal services to media clients who are facing legal threats involving their freedom of speech, a right guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution's First Amendment. These can include SLAPP cases (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation). In a SLAPP case, a lawsuit is used to try to stop a certain party from carrying out protests against the plaintiff. Along with the basic freedom of speech described in the Constitution's First Amendment is the freedom of the press, which means members of the media are entitled to certain rights related to the information they can access and report to the public. Both free speech and a free press are vital components to upholding a true democracy.

Ms. de Silva is an aggressive advocate when it is necessary to take action to protect your constitutional rights, and she has exceptional trial and litigation skills to bring to the table to address these critical issues. Issues such as free speech issues, legal guidance and counsel with regard to proposed content and the potential repercussions, defamation, infringement, and other crucial matters demand the support of a quality legal professional that has experience in constitutional law and the media.

A media lawyer could also help a client protect his or her rights that are guaranteed under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). This act, which was enacted in 1966, gives an individual the right to access the records of federal agencies, unless those records are subject to certain protections from public disclosure. This freedom, which is enforceable in court, is often used by members of the media to access and share information related to the federal government that is of great interest and importance to the public. With FOIA, the burden is on the government, as opposed to the public, to show a strong basis for why information cannot be released. There are also laws that protect members of the media from being forced to reveal the identities anonymous sources. When someone's rights under these laws are being compromised, it not only affects that individual, but it can also affect the good of the public at large. For that reason, these freedoms should be aggressively defended with the help of a skilled legal professional.

Defending First Amendment Rights

Ms. de Silva is focused on litigating media legal issues involving First Amendment cases and other serious legal matters. When there are efforts to impede or hinder a client's right to free speech, or even access to certain information, she can take immediate legal action. Recognized throughout the nation as an exceptionally accomplished litigator, she often is called upon by other firms to assist in taking on difficult and complex cases involving a variety of aspects of media law. She takes on these cases with confidence and with a high level of personal interest and commitment.

Fervently dedicated to protecting Constitutional rights, and with an uncommon depth of understanding with regard to this vital area of the law, you can have confidence that you will have legal counsel who will zealously advocate your cause. Focused on case results and willing to fight for every advantage, she is determined to protect the basic rights of her clients and has the court records that you need when facing legal threats. Furthermore, Ms. de Silva operates nationally and is willing to travel to meet with any client who retains her services. Contact Ms. De Silva to learn more about how she might be able to assist you with your media law-related matters.