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Claypool and Campaign Relent, Temporary Restraining Order Moot, Lawsuit Charging Defamation, Libel and Dishonesty Moves Forward

The need for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against Forrest Claypool, his campaign manager - Tom Bowen, and their campaign PAC was rendered moot today when Claypool, Bowen and the campaign relented and deleted any reference to the name of Victor Santana from an attack website aimed at Claypool opponent, Joseph Berrios. A State Court lawsuit charging Claypool, Bowen and the campaign Political Action Committee (PAC) with defamation, libel and dishonesty, in their website's characterization of Santana, however, will move forward seeking damages in excess of $ 50,000.00.

R. Tamara de Silva, attorney for Santana, expressed satisfaction with the outcome of today's hearing, "the capitulation of Mr. Claypool, his campaign manager and his campaign PAC, in removing my client's name from the offending website, has served to staunch the on-going damage to Mr. Santana,' de Silva stated, 'it was a necessary first step in protecting the rights and reputation, of a private citizen, from the dishonest, defamatory and libelous statements and assertions manufactured by Claypool, Bowen and the Claypool campaign in their rush to gain an advantage in a contentious political campaign."

"We were pleased that the judge rejected Claypool, Bowen and the Claypool campaign's claim that questionable reports, by commentators of suspect objectivity, were sufficient to denigrate the name and reputation of a private citizen,' de Silva continued, 'We believe the State Court lawsuit, charging Claypool, et. al., with intentionally manufacturing dishonest, defamatory and libelous statements, based on fallacious sources, was substantially advanced today."

"The lawsuit is moving forward aggressively and we firmly believe that Claypool, Bowen and the campaign PAC's irresponsible destruction of a private citizen, for purely political purposes, will not be tolerated by a jury of other private citizens,' de Silva concluded, 'If a well-heeled politician can recklessly disparage and malign a private citizen, like my client, who among us is not at risk?"