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Security Computer CodeBlockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies comprise a marketplace that cannot be accessed without a thorough understanding of how it works. This complexity also affects the laws associated with these investments, making it especially difficult to find an attorney who understands your needs and can cater to them. At the Law Offices of R. Tamara de Silva, our team is unique in the legal world as we are able to offer expertise in this narrow field to help clients obtain clear, helpful legal counsel and seek favorable outcomes for their situations.

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Connecting People in New Ways

As digital assets become a more and more regular part of the financial marketplace, the variety of assets that can be included in Blockchain has grown. Remote parts of the world can now participate in transactions hitherto prohibited by their location, enfranchising more of the world. The possibilities for FinTech are exciting, but they can also be confusing. Ms. de Silva co-founded one of the first Blockchain law firms, The Chicago FinTech Law Group.

Blockchain Legal Services

Unlike other Blockchain law firms, we offer up-to-date tools and services to meet the demands of a quickly changing market. R. Tamara de Silva partners with an AI development firm that develops and deploys cognitive analysis systems using machine learning and Natural language Processing for the purposes of risk mitigation.

These resources can also help to provide clients with additional help in achieving their goals in the Blockchain and asset securitization space.

The Law Offices of R. Tamara de Silva offers FinTech-centered legal services such as:

  • Asset management
  • Contract drafting
  • Formation of employment and joint venture agreements
  • Regulatory and compliance filings
  • Documents for security tokens and digital assets
  • Assisting tech start-ups with formation documents
  • Consulting

Helping Plan for Your Future With Blockchain Technology

We see immense promise in Blockchain technology and similar technologies such as AI and associated Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning. Attorney R. Tamara de Silva completed MIT Sloan School of Management’s Blockchain Technologies: Business Innovation and Application and Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy courses. She also attended Oxford University, Said School of Business’s Blockchain Programmer, giving her experience with enterprise solutions implementing distributed ledger technology. She has been a student of Blockchain since 2014.

Our firm maintains strategic relationships with Blockchain developers who can design cutting-edge solutions to help you achieve your goals. Our experience and technological advantage allow us to perform document and security services in shorter times and at a more competitive rate.

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    Specialization in the law governing the trading markets, combined with an industry insider’s understanding equal unparalleled expertise.

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    R Tamara de Silva has strategic partnerships with the toughest and best criminal defense attorneys, summoning over 100 years of combined litigation experience.

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    Lead counsel on the first class action involving market manipulation and spoofing in the futures markets under Dodd-Frank.

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    Over two decades of experience.