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Tamara de Silva

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Attorney R. Tamara de Silva excels in challenging cases that other lawyers will not take, especially those involving complex Constitutional issues, which is her specialty. She has won cases that were considered by her peers to be hopeless and impossible to win. Ms. Tamara de Silva has taken on the largest media companies, some of the most powerful political establishments in Cook County and has successfully handled many First Amendment cases. As an aggressive and fearless advocate who relishes a challenge, clients can place their case in her hands knowing that it will be handled with the upmost respect and attention to detail.

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  • Civil Rights

    Civil rights matters encompass a large range of issues that are all related to the rights of citizens to equality. Additionally these rights protect their political and social freedom as well. The firm handles cases of this kind related to discrimination, police misconduct, prison conditions, freedom of speech and more.

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  • Litigation

    Court proceedings are not only highly complex but have the potential to cause a great deal of strain on all involved parties from financial and emotional standpoints. With her aggressive tactics and considerable knowledge of state and federal court cases throughout Illinois, Attorney de Silva works to seek the best possible result for every client while limiting the time, expense and stress involved.

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  • Futures & Derivatives

    Investors place a great deal of trust in their investment brokers, commodity trading advisors, and other persons who solicit or accept futures orders. When an investor discovers that they have been cheated out of their investment capital by an unscrupulous individual, then they have legal recourse. Attorney de Silva represents investors through various legal procedures including mediation, arbitration and litigation relating to investor's claims.

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  • Securities Law

    The firm provides practical solutions and hard-hitting legal representation for clients in all areas of securities law, including transactional work, regulatory work and litigation. Some of the types of cases handled in this particular field include those related to securities fraud, mergers, mutual funds, initial public offerings and acquisitions.

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Types of Cases We Handle

With experience taking numerous cases to trial, Attorney de Silva is determined and will always seek to fight for the protection of your rights. Skilled in multiple areas of law, she has dedicated her time to Constitutional law as well as civil rights issues. Her passion to pursue what is right goes above and beyond her day to day profession. Serving as a volunteer with First Defense Legal Aid, she helps prepare fair cases those who cannot afford a defense lawyer.

Additionally she has an immense background in the financial services industry, understanding the intricacies of securities law with previous work as a brokerage executive and floor trader. Aggressive and dedicated in her tactics, she will not take no for an answer. Below is a few of areas of law that Ms. Tamara de Silva focuses her efforts in. As a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, she is also adept at dealing with criminal defense and white collar crimes.

Having extensive exposure and experience in many types of legal matters, Attorney de Silva is equally capable in either defending a client or as the plaintiff's counsel in serious legal problems. You can be certain that you will be represented by a skilled trial lawyer with an impressive record of success in litigating even the most complex legal cases on behalf of the client when you retain legal counsel from this experienced and insightful corporate attorney.

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Obtaining a Qualified Litigator in Chicago

When fighting to litigate a case, a thorough review of the current case law and precedents will be undertaken at once. Few attorneys are willing to do the extensive research that is often necessary in complex cases involving securities violations, white collar crime cases and constitutional law or civil rights matters. Tamara de Silva is confident in her abilities and will aggressively pursue the outcome that reflects the best interests of the client and is uncommonly determined and aggressive in the approach to even the most difficult cases.

It is evident that the ability of the Chicago litigation lawyer you retain has much to do with the outcome of any case. When entering a federal courtroom, a thorough knowledge of the law and the process is not enough. The attorney must be able to present the case to the jury with compelling confidence and well-presented facts, as well as the appropriate expert witness testimony to support the case. Confident and well-prepared in any federal or criminal courtroom, Ms. de Silva stands ready to fight for each client with conviction, outstanding case development and exemplary presentation. Contact her office to learn more about how she can best help you with your litigation process.