Chicago Futures & Derivatives Attorney

Financial Futures Lawyer in Chicago Handling Broker Fraud Cases

Attorney R. Tamara de Silva is adept at handling cases that other lawyers will not take on, including those cases involving futures and derivatives broker fraud. She provides aggressive and tenacious legal representation to investors who have placed a significant amount of trust in unscrupulous commodity brokers and have lost substantial amounts of money. She is not afraid to fight on behalf of investors who have lost large amounts of investment capital in hedge funds due to deceit and fraud.

The futures market involves commodity trading in which certain assets are set to be bought, sold and delivered at a time in the future. The assets are usually bought at a fixed price in futures contracts. Derivatives are contracts in which their value is derived from another investment's value or performance. That other investment, or the underlying security, might be a commodity, currency or bond. A few examples of the most common derivatives are futures, options and swaps.

As an investor, you place a great deal of trust in futures commission merchants (FCMs), commodity pool operators (CPOs), introducing brokers (IPs), commodity trading advisors (CTAs), agricultural trade option merchants and associated persons (APs), or any other person who solicits or accepts futures orders. When you discover that you have been cheated or swindled out of tens of thousands or millions of dollars, it can be the most exasperating and stressful experience one could imagine.

The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission lists multiple types of futures fraud. These include fraud related to foreign currency trading (Forex), where high-return, low-risk investment opportunities are touted; fraud related to commodity pool operators, which combine the funds of a number of people, often those who share the same social circles; and fraud by introducing brokers, or futures brokers who handle the client relationship directly but who passes on the work to an a different futures merchant.

If you have been the victim of fraud or market manipulation, a Chicago litigation attorney will be your first line of defense in seeking justice.

How an Attorney Can Help

Attorney R. Tamara de Silva excels at handling challenging cases, even those with parties who have taken great measures to conceal their white collar crimes. She can handle all aspects of the legal process, including mediation, litigation or arbitration of an investor’s claim. If you have lost money in the futures or derivatives market as a result of fraud, she might be able to provide assistance. Due to her financial acumen and intimate knowledge of the National Futures Association (NFA) and its dispute resolution process, she has a deep understanding of how the system works and how to use it to her client’s advantage. Ms. de Silva can represent investors in legal forums such as the National Futures Association and the American Arbitration Association (AAA). She can also represent clients whose cases are being handled in state and federal courts.

Those who have taken advantage of others need to be held accountable. Ms. de Silva provides vigorous legal representation for those investors who have lost their investments in futures contracts and derivatives to trading advisors involved in market manipulation and other deceitful practices. She takes on these cases nationally, so she is willing to travel to meet with any client who retains her services. To speak with a Chicago litigation attorney regarding possible litigation matters related to futures or derivatives, please contact the firm for superior legal advice.