Litigation Attorney in Chicago

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There will be times when you will be able to handle a dispute with another individual or corporate entity quickly and easily, with no third parties involved. There will be other times, however, when more aggressive steps are needed. You might need to file a lawsuit in order to ensure that you are being treated fairly and are not subjecting yourself or your company to losses. When that time comes, you will need to turn to an experienced attorney who can help you present your case in the best way possible.

Litigation, of the process of carrying through a lawsuit, is used to hold others accountable for their harmful actions. Usually the desired result is financial compensation or some type of legal enforcement of a right or action. Litigation, which generally leads to either a settlement or a trial, can end up being a long and complicated process.

When it becomes necessary to litigate a serious securities law matters or other corporate legal issues, who you select to represent you could make a major difference in your case. Attorney Tamara de Silva has garnered a powerful reputation in the Cook County area as a skilled trial lawyer who is ready to take on the most complex corporate matters with a focus that is unparalleled. The ability to effectively present the case in court is a talent that should not be underestimated. This skill can play a critical role in the outcome of the lawsuit. When seeking a powerful Chicago litigation lawyer, it is strongly advised that you contact de Silva's firm at once. Ms. de Silva's litigation tactics are based on thorough preparation and a diverse knowledge base.

Federal Cases and Complex Corporate Litigation

As one of the few Chicago litigation lawyers who has actually worked as a floor trader and brokerage executive, Ms. de Silva has a broad understanding of securities law and all aspects of the financial services industry, which is rarely found in corporate attorneys. This experience becomes highly valuable to Ms. de Silva's corproate clients, especially when they are dealing with legal matters that are related to transactional work, contract litigation, securities violations and other serious legal issues.

Ms. de Silva is familiar with the process of fighting cases aggressively in federal and state courts, whether she is handling cases related to corporate litigation, securities law, criminal offenses or civil rights matters. The attorney is prepared to fully research all related case law, to seek out the flaws and errors in the case presented by opposing counsel, and to present a compelling case on behalf of her client in court. Because the outcome of each case is of utmost importance to the client, Ms. de Silva makes sure she is fully prepared and is keeping the client's best interests as her primary concern. She always handles cases professionally and provides aggressive representation with an unrelenting determination to reach the best possible outcome for her clients.