White Collar Crime Attorney in Chicago

White collar crime earned its name because they are nonviolent financial crimes that are generally committed by individuals who have positions within professional institutions, such as businesses, corporations and public offices. They tend to involve large sums of money, as well some type of deceit or fraud. The term "white collar crime" was reportedly coined in 1939, according to the FBI, which estimates that these offenses cost the United States more than $300 billion a year.

White collar offenses, in which a single offender can affect a large number of victims, are punishable under both state and federal laws. The penalties brought against those convicted of these types of crimes can include fines, prison sentences in either state or federal prisons, and payment of costly restitution sums. A few examples of white collar offenses include the following:

  • Insurance fraud: A type of fraud carried out by professionals who are sometimes within the field of insurance; consists of working with an outside party to defraud the insurance company.
  • Mortgage fraud: Falsifying mortgage documents or making false promises to borrowers
  • Bank fraud: Any fraud that results in a financial institution losing money through false information
  • Credit card fraud: Using credit cards in any way fraudulently, including falsely obtaining credit cards
  • Identity theft: Using another person's identity to purchase or gain credit or other action
  • Wire fraud: The use of phones, faxes, computers or any other electronic means in the perpetration of a fraud crime
  • Mail fraud: the use of the mail system or courier company to perpetrate a crime
  • Embezzlement: Includes any type of crime where the valuable property or money stolen was under the care of the defendant
  • Forgery: A crime that is committed when a person creates false documents or tampers with existing ones to commit fraud
  • Tax Evasion: When an individual evades taxes; can be charged as a felony and potentially penalized with extensive prison sentences and fines

This is not a complete list of possible white collar offenses. There are many others for which individuals can be charged. Regardless of what the specific offenses are, those who are facing such crimes will need an experienced and skilled attorney to represent them. They will need a legal professional who is familiar with the complex and technical procedures and systems that often surround these types of offenses. If you are now facing charges for a federal white collar crime, authorities could have been investigating you for quite some time. If you believe you are the subject of a federal investigation, do not wait to hire representation. Instead, speak with a Chicago litigation attorney from the Law Offices of R. Tamara de Silva today.

Skilled Representation for Those Facing White Collar Crime Charges

Because white collar crimes can result in severe punishment, it is extremely important that you retain quality representation early on in the litigation process. You will need an attorney who will aggressively protect your rights. Do not agree to speak with investigative authorities until you are able to acquire an attorney. If you are convicted, the ramifications can bring about a destruction of your professional and personal reputation and standing. Turn to an attorney who thoroughly understands the laws concerning white collar crime. Ms. de Silva, who serves clients in Cook County, can review the facts of your case with you to help you identify your legal options.