Blogs from January, 2021

A picture of the Robinhood logo to represent the current stock market experience.

For what may be the first time in the history of the trading markets, a group of brokerage houses decided to disallow trading for one side of the market. This was predominantly directed at retail traders and done in order to manipulate the market price of 13 stocks. A class-action lawsuit was filed today by this law office against Robinhood Markets, Inc., Robinhood Financial, LLC, and Robinhood Securities, LLC, TD Ameritrade, Inc., and E*TRADE Financial Corp. alleging violations of the Securities law for market manipulation and violations of the Sherman Antitrust Act. To read the class action lawsuit click here.

To learn more about this lawsuit, or if you are interested in joining this class action, please follow this link, and an attorney will contact you at no cost to you and provide you with detailed information about the class action to recover your losses.

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