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Don't Be The Mark: Know Your Alleged Investment Opportunities

New Book "Don't Be The Mark: Know Your Alleged Investment Opportunities" Empowers Investors to Avoid Financial Fraud

New York, NY - Cheryl Fitzpatrick, Deputy Chief Compliance Officer of ADM, and R Tamara de Silva, securities lawyer and founder of a law firm specializing in securities investment consulting and audit services, have teamed up to write a comprehensive guide to help investors avoid financial fraud.

"We are tired of seeing people lose their hard-earned money to get-rich opportunities and fraudsters," said Fitzpatrick and de Silva. "There will always be get-rich schemes and good people defrauded by smooth-talking salesmen riding the wave of the next big idea or financial mania. We have seen people give their retirement accounts and hard-earned savings to unregistered con men whether it was for internet companies in the 2000s to crypto schemes and ICOs over the past four years."

Their combined 48 years of experience practicing securities and derivatives law, along with their knowledge of registration and compliance in the financial markets and white collar criminal defense, has led them to create "Don't Be The Mark: Know Your Alleged Investment Opportunities."

The authors understand the tactics used by smooth-talking salespeople and aim to empower readers to make informed decisions and avoid falling prey to scams. The book is not intended to replace legal advice, but it equips readers with the knowledge and tools they need to ask the right questions and protect themselves from financial fraud.

"Our goal is to empower you with some tools to begin to ask the right questions with which to understand an alleged investment opportunity," said Fitzpatrick and de Silva. "This is merely a starting point and guide written in our earnest hope that you avoid being the victim of a financial fraud."

The book covers important topics such as crypto regulation, custody of digital assets, hedge fund regulations, partnership investments, why registration matters, and how to perform due diligence on anyone, including your broker. It is a must-read for anyone interested in investing and is an essential resource for investors at any level.

"Don't Be The Mark: Know Your Alleged Investment Opportunities" is now available for purchase.

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Contact: Cheryl Fitzpatrick and R Tamara de Silva

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