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Blogs from June, 2011

Dr. Joseph Giacchino retained new counsel today, who have a history of fighting corruption in Cook County. Dr. Giacchino resolved that he would fight back even if that meant exposing incestuousness and corruption within a powerful department of Illinois government.

Dr. Giacchino has been pilloried in the press for according to one particularly devoted writer, driving a "plush Bentley…doing over 200 boxing fights including on HBO" and committing the ultimate sin of having the, "stunning Cuban esposa, Playboy's Miss June 1998, Maria Luisa Gil" as his wife.

As if this were not enough, out of a thriving practice of 3,300 patients, an Illinois licensing board chose to believe the testimony of 5 highly incredible witnesses some with extensive criminal backgrounds. This is after many of the witnesses admitted to lying on the stand and even being paid.

Dr. Giacchino's lead attorney, R. Tamara de Silva commented that, "Our government is a government of rules and laws and not of men and fickle public opinion. The laws apply to all people alike. It will be a sad day for our Constitution, the Fifth Amendment, Due Process and the right of privacy when a man can be pilloried by a tabloid journalist and his rights taken away by the mere suspicion of guilt. Our justice system is a great system and local government agencies are not above the law to take away a man's license and property based on the word of admitted perjurers and under pressure from nonsensical tabloid news writers.

Government, even at the local level cannot be allowed to impinge upon the civil liberties of the unorthodox, scorned, nonconformist and friendless-this is the very way that the strongest, and most orthodox, and ultimately the rights of all individuals in America are taken away. The principles of life, liberty and fairness are more important than how public opinion views the lifestyle of the individual involved."